Volume 15, Number 03, September 2016
1. Certain Relation Of Generalized Fractional Calculus Associated With The Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function
Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Bhupender Singh Shaktawat, Dinesh Kumar
Page: 117-126
2. Hypersurfaces Of Matsumoto Conformal Changed Finsler Spaces 
T.N. Pandey, Asmita Mishra
Page: 127-138
3. A Characterization Theorem In Rotatory Hydrodynamic Triply Diffusive Convection With Viscosity Variations 
Jyoti Prakash, Rajeev Kumar, Pankaj Kumar
Page: 139-148
4. Cylindrically Symmetric Cosmological Model With Variable Λ For Dust Distribution In General Relativity 
Keshav Sharma, Swati Khandelwal
Page: 149-154
5. Cyclic Codes From Whiteman's Generalized Cyclotomic Sequences Of Order 8 
Pankaj, Manju Pruthi
Page: 155-182
6. A General Volterra-Type Integral Equation Associated With An Integral Operator Involving The Product Of General Class Of Polynomials And Multi-Variable H-Function In The Kernel 
Priyanka Harjule, Rashmi Jain
Page: 183-190
7. On Finsler Spaces Satisfying The Condition L5C=δ4
Kumar Vineet, T. N. Pandey
Page: 191-198
8. A Class Of Univalent Functions With Positive Coefficients Associated With The Convolution Structure
K.K. Dixit, Ankit Dixit, Saurabh Porwal
Page: 199-210
9. Some Common Fixed Point Theorems For Weakly Compatible Mappings Satisfying A General Contractive Condition Of Integral Type 
A.K. Goyal, Somita Jaiswal
Page: 211-220
10. Soret Effect In Mhd Flow Past An Infinite Vertical Plate Moving With Variable Velocity With Chemical Reaction And Thermal Radiation 
A.H. Sheikh, N. Ahmed
Page: 221-238