Volume 12, Number 03, September 2013
1. Matrix geometric solution of unreliable server M/M/1 queueing system with second optional service  
Deepa Chauhan
Page: 227-234
2. Thermal instability of compressile fluid layer in a porous medium: effect of weak magnetic and low thermal conductivity
Subodh Kumar Rana
Page: 235-238
3. Some composite constructions of group divisible designs
J.S.Parihar, M.S.Rathore, G.Singh, S.Agarwal
Page: 249-258
4. Analysis of 2-layered model of blood flow through composite stenosed artery in porous medium under the effect of magnetic field
Rajbala Rathee, Jagdish Singh
Page: 259-276
5. Hall effect of chemically reacting and radiating MHD oscillatory viscoelastic flow through porous vertical channel
Khem Chand, Sanjeev Kumar
Page: 277-300
6. Cylindrical shock waves in a low conducting non-ideal gas in presence of axial and azimuthal components of magnetic induction
J.P.Vishwakarma, Nanhey Patel
Page: 301-316
7. On 2-Banach space valued paranormed sequence space Co(X, M, ||.,.||,λ, p) defined by orlicz function
J.K.Srivastava, Narayan Prasad Pahari
Page: 317-336
8. Bianchi type V string dust cosmological model in general relativity
Deo Karan Singh Rewar
Page: 337-344