Volume 11, Number 03, September 2012
1. On some vector-valued function spaces c0 (X, U, M),  c (X, U, M) and l (X, U, M) defined by Orlicz function
J.K. Srivastava and Yogendra Yadav
Page: 187-197
2. Performance analysis of M/D/1/K queue with balking
Vikas Shinde and Dilip Kumar Mishra
Page: 199-208
3. Management of a road traffic junction using fuzzy lights controller
Jitesh P. Tripathi and H.S. Shukla
Page: 209-222
4. A general class of functions and N-fractional calculus      
Virendra Kumar
Page: 223-230
5. Solution of heat-like equation based on Haar wavelet
Naresh Berwal, Dinesh Panchal and C.L. Parihar
Page: 231-240
6. On a class of meromorphically multivalent functions involving generalized hypergeometric functions
Chena Ram and Garima Agarwal
Page: 241-251
7. Theoretical prediction of heat flow in a conduction-cooled YBCO wire
Ziauddin Khan, Subrata Pradhan and Irfan Ahmad
Page: 253-260
8. Some inequalities involving gamma functions
Mridula Garg and Dinesh Kumar
Page: 261-266
9. MHD Squeezing flow between two parallel rotating disks
Baljinder S. Saini
Page: 267-282