Volume 10, Number 03, September 2011
1. On four-dimensional Ch-reducible Finsler spaces
T.N. Pandey, V.K. Chaubey and Sanjay K. Tripathi
Page: 199-208
2. Heat transfer to MHD oscillatory flow in a horizontal channel with heat source and suction
D. Deka and R.K. Deka
Page: 209-219
3. Some fixed point theorems for generalized contractive conditions in uniform spaces
A.K. Goyal and Neha Jain
Page: 221-228
4. Second order parallel tensor on (e)-P-Sasakian manifolds   
Ram Nivas and Surendra Yadav 
Page: 229-233
5. Certain families of Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta functions with their integral representations and fractional derivatives
B.B. Jaimini and Jyoti Gupta
Page: 235-245
6. On estimation in two parameter exponential distribution
Yashbir Singh
Page: 247-253
7. A study of unified finite integrals
Mridula Garg, Sangeeta Choudhary and Mridula Purohit
Page: 255-268
8. A study of unified fractional integral operators
Rashmi Jain and Beena Bundela
Page: 269-282
9. Majorization problems for certain class of analytic functions involving differential subordination
S.P. Goyal and Rakesh Kumar
Page: 283-291