Volume 09, Number 03, September 2010
1. A note on preserving properties of an integral operator
L. Dileep and S. Latha
Page: 197-201
2. Generalized fractional integration of the product of two H-functions
K.C. Gupta, Kantesh Gupta and Alpana Gupta
Page: 203-212
3. On a subclass of certain analytic functions
K.K. Dixit, Vinod Kumar, Saurabh Porwal and Poonam Dixit
Page: 213-223
4. The stress intensity factors for two Griffith-cracks opened by an interior wedge in an isotropic stress-free rectangle
Poonam Tripathi, Anjana Singh and P.S. Kushwaha
Page: 225-237

b-Change of two dimensional Finsler space and geodesics

T.N. Pandey, V.K. Chaubey and D.D. Tripathi
Page: 239-247
6. A reduction formula for the Kampé de Fériet function
Shoukat Ali
Page: 249-257
7. Some transformation formulae for Gauss hypergeometric polynomials
M.I. Qureshi and S. Ismail Azad    
Page: 259-263
8. Improved goodness of fit test
Yashbir Singh
Page: 265-272
9. Analysis of an acceptance sampling plan in SQC
Sandeep Kumar and Alka Chaudhary
Page: 273-289