Volume 08, Number 03, September 2009
1. On the self-orthogonal connection for para-Kahlerian manifolds
Swadesh Singh
Page: 241-254
2. On certain classes of generating functions associated with the H-function of one and several variables
B.B. Jaimini and Hemlata Saxena
Page: 255-264
3. Local variable kernel estimation of the conditional mode
Raid B. Salha and Hazem Ismail El Shekh Ahmed
Page: 265-280
4. A semi-symmetric non-metric P-connection in a Lorentzian para-Sasakian manifold
Amit Prakash and Dhruwa Narain
Page: 281-294
5. Radiation effects on the exact solution of free convective oscillatory flow through porous medium in a rotating vertical porous channel
K.D. Singh and Rakesh Kumar
Page: 295-310
6. Complex system with two physical conditions of repairman and inverse Gaussian repair time distribution
Rakesh Gupta, Ram Kishan and Dharmendra Kumar
Page: 311-318
7. An EOQ model with ramp type demand rate, linear deterioration rate, unit production cost with shortage and backlogging
N.K. Sahoo, C.K. Sahoo and S.K. Sahoo
Page: 319-332
8. Weakly compatible maps and fixed point in uniform spaces
A.K. Goyal and Neha Jain
Page: 333-336
9. Effects of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on the flow past an accelerated vertical insulated plate
U. Sarma and G.C. Hazarika
Page: 337-348
10. LRS Bianchi type II string cosmological models for bulk viscous fluid distribution in General Relativity
Anirudh Pradhan and Sheel Kumar Singh
Page: 349-360
11. Temperature field in MHD Newtonian flow over a permeable stretching sheet with suction and blowing in porous medium
Paresh Vyas and Nupur Srivastava
Page: 361-370
12. Mucus transport : A fluid mechanical study
Vijai Shanker Verma
Page: 371-384
13. Heat transfer in MHD laminar source flow between naturally permeable disks
Dileep Singh Chauhan and Reema Jain
Page: 385-396