Volume 07, Number 03, September 2008
1. Steady free convective MHD visco-elastic flow and heat transfer in a vertical channel
Rita Choudhury and Utpal Jyoti Das
Page: 257-270
2. Optimal replenishment policy for perishable items under permissible delay in payment
C.K. Sahoo, A. Kalam and S.K. Sahoo
Page: 271-278
3. Bilinear and bilateral generating relations for hypergeometric functions of more variables (I)
Chena Ram and Rajendra Singh Enaniya
Page: 279-286
4. An algorithm for solving the transportation problem
Gurmeet Kaur and Shambhu Sharma
Page: 287-294
5. Oscillatory MHD flow and heat transfer of an electrically conducting viscous fluid between two rotating discs of different transpiration
U.N. Das and Sarafima Ahmed
Page: 295-314
6. On the point-line geometry
Abdelslam Abou Zayda
Page: 315-324
7. A note on generalized Hsu quasi Einstein manifolds
Ram Nivas and Rupali Agnihotri
Page: 325-334
8. Development of a family of summation formulae of half argument using Gauss and Bailey theorems
Ashish Arora, Rahul Singh and Salahuddin
Page: 335-342
9. Some unified theorems involving -function and H-function transforms
K.C. Gupta and S.M. Agrawal  
Page: 343-350
10. Some results on extended beta function D4,2
B.B. Jaimini and Manju Sharma
Page: 351-358
11. Non-additive generalized measures of `useful' inaccuracy     
D.S. Hooda and D.K. Sharma
Page: 259-368