Volume 06, Number 03, September 2007
1. Prediction of the thermal conductivity of two phase system with porosity dependent grain size
Usha Singh, Sandeep Kumar and D.K. Singhal
Page: 237-250
2. Gaussian hypergeometric proof of a curious result of Srinivasa Ramanujan
M.I. Qureshi and S. Ismail Azad
Page: 251-254
3. Generating functions for hypergeometric and Voigt functions
Chaudhary Wali Mohd.
Page: 255-260
4. Application of generalization Ruscheweyh derivatives to multivalent functions
Abdul Rahman S. Juma and S.R. Kulkarni 
Page: 261-272
5. Analysis of unreliable queueing system with randomly changing arrival rates
Madhu Jain and Rachna Pandey
Page: 273-282
6. On integrability conditions of a manifold admitting fλ (2K, 2) Hsu-structure
Ram Nivas and Dharmendra Singh
Page: 283-288
7. A study of unified integral operators involving a general multivariable polynomial and a product of two -functions
Rajani Agrawal and Sanjay Kumar Bansal
Page: 289-300
8. A study of unified finite integrals
Rashmi Jain and Ranjeeta Nahar 
Page: 301-310
9. On unified Eulerian type integrals involving single and multivariable Mellin-Barnes contour integrals with general arguments
Kantesh Gupta and Vandana Agrawal
Page: 311-324
10. Improved generic indices for machine repair system with state dependent rates, reneging, spares and additional repairmen
M. Jain and Rekha Kumari
Page: 325-336
11. An efficient quarter sweep smart alternating group explicit algorithm for the numerical treatment of Burger's equation
Navnit Jha, Bhupendra K. Sharma and R.C. Chaudhary
Page: 337-344
12. Analysis of thermal conductivity of insulators and metals at low temperature
S.R. Pandit, P.N. Choubey and Brajesh Mishra
Page: 345-352