Volume 05, Number 03, September 2006
1. Transient MHD free convection flow of a viscous dissipative fluid past a semi-infinite vertical plate
A.K. Singh, V.M. Soundalgekar and R.K. Deka
Page: 239-250
2. Multistage degraded machining system with common cause shocks failure and state dependent rates
Madhu Jain and Ashish Mishra
Page: 251-262
3. Generalized Leibniz rule for fractional calculus and hypergeometric functions defined by means of Mellin-Barnes type multiple contour integrals
B.B. Jaimini and Shiksha Gautam
Page: 263-274
4. On horizontal and complete lifts from a manifold with fl (9, -1)-Hsu structure to its cotangent bundle
Abhishek Singh
Page: 275-282
5. On a class of p-valent meromorphic functions
S.B. Joshi and N.D. Sangle
Page: 283-290
6. Exact solutions of power law potentials associated with Gaussian hypergeometric function
M.I. Qureshi, M. Rafat and Izharul H. Khan
Page:  291-300
7. A two non-identical unit parallel system with inspection and correlated lifetimes          
Praween Kumar and S.K. Sharma 
Page: 301-318
8. On the uniform matrix summability of a Fourier series
Satish Chandra
Page: 319-326
9. Separation of bias in the estimators of population mean using auxiliary information
Rajesh Singh and Jayant Singh
Page: 327-332
10. Hypergeometric transformations relating Lauricella's FA(n) , FC(n)  and Exton's  (k)H4(n) functions
Chaudhary Wali Mohd. and M.I. Qureshi
Page: 333-338
11. Some Bianchi type V inflationary universes in general relativity
Raj Bali and Radhika Goyal
Page: 339-346