Volume 04, Number 03, September 2005
1. On a basic integral formula involving the product of the H-function and Fox H-function
K.C. Gupta and R.C. Soni
Page: 157-164
2. Kontorovich-Lebedev transformation of tempered distribution and tempered Boehmians
Deshna Loonker and P.K. Banerji
Page: 165-172
3. Harmonic univalent functions in terms of Ruscheweyh derivatives
Shahram Najafzadeh and S.R. Kulkarni 
Page: 173-186
4. Sensitivity analysis in a mathematical model for malaria transmission relating local socio-economic conditions
Jyoti Sachdeva, Satish Saraswat and Arun Kumar
Page: 187-195
5. Some transformation formulae for basic hypergeometric functions
S.S. Bhati and Kamlesh
Page: 197-201
6. Exact non-null distribution of LRC for testing homogeneity of completely Symmetric Gaussian models
Vipin Tayal
Page: 203-208

Bianchi type V stiff fluid tilted cosmological model for perfect fluid distribution in general relativity

B.L. Meena 
Page: 209-214
8. On obtaining generating functions by the application of integral operators
Abdul Hakim Khan and A.A. Atash
Page: 215-222
9. Multiobjective optimization under Fuzzy rule constraints
Rasoul Dadashzadeh and S.B. Nimse
Page: 223-228