Volume 02, Number 03, September 2003
1. On time-derivatives of solution of the second mixed problem for the heat Equation with right side in L2loc 
Atta A.K. Abuhany
Page: 153-158
2. Numerical modeling of shear localization in fcc and bcc crystals
Praveen Agarwal and C.L. Koul 
Page: 159-172
3. On generating functions
Tariq O. Salim
Page: 173-180
4. A repairable system with spares, state-dependent rates and additional repairman
M. Jain, K.P.S. Baghel and M. Jadown
Page: 181-190
5. On the integration of total differential equations : Continuous singular systems
Sami. I. Muslih 
Page: 191-200
6. Effects of free-stream oscillations on heat transfer in flow past an infinite porous plate with non-classical thermal effects
N. Kankane, M.Y. Gokhale and V.M. Soundalgekar
Page: 201-210
7. Five parameters Lie group and Jacobi polynomials associated with hyperbolic Functions for certain new generating functions
M.B. Elkhazendar and T.O. Salim  
Page: 211-218
8. On a subclass of univalent functions with positive coefficients
S.B. Joshi and P.K. Banerji 
Page: 219-224