Volume 01, Number 03, September 2002
1. Transient free convection flow past an infinite vertical plate embedded in a porous medium with temperature gradient dependent heat source
R.K. Deka and V.M. Soundalgekar
Page: 145-154
2. A new generalized gamma distribution involving 2F2 of matrix argument in the complex case
P.L. Sethi and M.B. Elkhazendar
Page: 155-166
3. A series formula of a generalized class of polynomials associated with Laplace transform and fractional integral operators
Tariq O. Salim
Page: 167-176
4. Some finite double integrals involving special functions and multivariable H-function
O.P. Garg and Virendra Kumar
Page: 177-182
5. On construction of efficiency balanced designs through asymmetrical factorials
Jagdish Prasad, A.K. Bhardwaj and G.R. Kherwa
Page: 183-187
6. Inversion of an integral involving a product of general class of polynomials, generalized polynomial set and Fox's H-function as kemel
S.P. Goyal and Rohit Mukherjee
Page: 189-198
7. Queue size distribution for GIGI1 model using principle of maximum entropy
Madhu Jain and M.R. Dhakad
Page: 199-206
8. Magnetized Bianchi type I intlationary universe in ceneral relativity
Raj Bali and Vimal Chand Jain
Page: 207-212