Volume 16, Number 01 & 02, March-June 2017
1. LRS Bianchi Type II Homogeneous Cosmological Model for Perfect Fluid With Electromagnetic Field and Variable Λ
Atul Tyagi, Swati Parikh and Barkha Rani Tripathi
Page: 01-08
2. On Generalized Fractional Calculus of The Generalized K-Bessel Function
Bhupender Singh Shaktawat, Devendra Singh Rawat and Rajeev Kumar Gupta
Page: 09-19
3. Unsteady MHD Free Convective Flow Past a Moving Vertical Plate in Presence of Heat Sink
K. Choudhury, N. Ahmed
Page: 21-39
4. Sum of Three and More Triangular Random Variables
R.K. Bairwa, S.C. Sharma
Page: 41-62
5. Generalized Fractional Kinetic Equations and Its Solutions Involving Generalized Mittagleffler Function
Bhupender Singh Shaktawat, Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Dinesh Kumar
Page: 63-74
6. Double Dirichlet Average of Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function via Fractional Derivative
Yasmeen Khan, Meena K. Gurjar, Pallavi Sharma
Page: 75-82
7. Effect of Suction/Injection, Radiation and Heat Source/Sink On MHD Flow and Heat Transfer Over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet
Mamta Goyal, Kuldeep Singh Rathore
Page: 83-92
8. On Entropy Generation in Radiative MHD Boundary Layer Flow With Partial Slip Due to a Melting Surface Stretching in Porous Medium
Paresh Vyas, Swati Soni
Page: 93-111