Volume 15, Number 01 & 02, March-June 2016
1. Entropy Analysis for MHD Casson Fluid Flow in a Channel Subjected to Weakly Temperature Dependent Convection Coefficient & Hydrodynamic Slip
Paresh Vyas, Swati Soni
Page: 01-18
2. Hall Effect on MHD Flow in a Rotating Channel Through Porous Medium in the Presence of an Inclined Magnetic Field
Sapna, Khem Chand
Page: 19-30
3. Effect Of Chemical Reaction On Mhd Flow Past An Oscillating Infinite Vertical Plate Embedded In Porous Medium In The Presence Of Heat Sink
N. Ahmed, S. M. Das
Page: 31-47
4. Slip Effects On Unsteady Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow Through Porous Medium Past A Vertical Stretching Sheet And Entropy Generation
Dileep Singh Chauhan, Vinita Khemchandani
Page: 49-62
5. Geometric Properties of the Wright Functions
J.K. Prajapat
Page: 63-71
6. C-Field Cosmological Model With Bulk Viscosity And Time Dependent  In Bianchi Type I Space Time
Seema Saraf
Page: 73-80
7. Bianchi Type Vi Inhomogeneous Cosmological Model Of Perfect Fluid Distribution With Time Dependent Cosmological Term 
Barkha Rani Tripathi, Atul Tyagi, Swati Parikh
Page: 81-87
8. Fractional Calculus Of Generalized K-Mittag-Leffler Function
Jitendra Daiya, Jeta Ram
Page: 89-96
9. Some Properties Of M-Projective Curvature Tensor In A P-Sasakian Manifold
Vivekanand Yadav, Dhruwa Narain, Sudhir Kumar Dubey
Page: 97-105
10. On Some Cauchy Sequences Defined In 𝒍𝒑 Considered as N-Normed Space
J.K. Srivastava, Pradeep Kumar Singh
Page: 107-115