Volume 41, Number 01, March 2015
1. An interior griffith-crack opened by thermal stress in an orthotropic infinite strip
Anjana Singh
Page: 01-14
2. Inhomogeneous bianchi type vi0 string dust cosmological model of perfect fluid distribution in general relativity
Atul Tyagi , Arvind Sharma, Dhirendra Chhajed
Page: 15-23
3. The Lomax-Frechet distribution
Vinita Gupta , Mukul Bhatt, Jaya Gupta
Page: 25-43
4. Convexity condition for certain integral operator
Trailokya Panigrahi, Lily Jena
Page: 45-50
5. A study of finite integral involving generalized form of the astrophysical thermonuclear function
Manish Kumar Bansal, Rashmi Jain
Page: 51-55
6. The (n, N) policy of the MX/G/1/K queue with multiple removable server
Rekha sharma, Manju sharma
Page: 57-72
7. Injection/suction effect on spanwise sinusoidal fluctuating MHD mixed convection flow through porous medium in a vertical porous channel with thermal radiation
B. P. Garg, K. D. Singh, Neeraj
Page: 73-88
8. Generalized Matsumoto change of Finsler metric by H-vector
H.S. Shukla, O.P. Pandey, Manmohan Pandey
Page: 89-99
9. Theory of finsler spaces with special 4-th root metric convexity of indicatrix, geodesic spray, V-Curvature and V(h)-Torsion tensors
T.N. Pandey, Pradeep Kumar
Page: 101-113
10. Some curvature properties of SP-Sasakian manifold with quarter-symmetric metric connection
N.V.C. Shukla, Ram Asray Verma
Page: 115-125