Volume 13, Number 01, March 2014
1. An unsteady periodic mixed convection MHD flow of a viscoelastic fluid through a porous medium in vertical porous channel with heat radiation
B.P.Garg, K.D.Singh, A.K.Bansasl
Page: 01-16
2. On certain subclasses of functions with respect to (2j,k) - symmetric conjugate points
Faud.S.Alsarari, S.Latha
Page: 17-30
3. Almost C(λ) manifolds admitting W2 curvature tensor
Ali Akbar, A.Sarkar
Page: 31-38
4. New information inequalities and its special cases
K.C.Jain, Praphull Chhabra
Page: 39-50
5. On certain topological structures of banach space valued paranormed sequence l((S, || .||), φ, )defined by Orlicz function
Narayan Prasad Pahari
Page: 51-66
6. The stress intensity factors due to three griffith-cracks opened bythermal stress in an infinite orthotropic medium
Anjna Singh
Page: 67-82
7. A multi-server queueing model with feedback and balking
Tanvi Jindia, P.C.Garg, Neelam Singla
Page: 83-95
8. Bayesian analysis of a probability model for first conception
Himanshu Pandey, Arun Kumar Rao, Ashwini Kumar Yadav
Page: 97-107