Volume 12, Number 01, March 2013
1. On four dimensional Finsler space
T.N. Pandey and M.N. Tripathi
Page: 01-08
2. Constructions of nested group divisible designs
J.S. Parihar, M.S. Rathore and Sanjay Agarwal
Page: 09-13
3. On the hypersurface of a special Finsler space with a metric
Gauree Shanker and Ravindra Yadav
Page: 15-26
4. Banach space X-valued bilateral sequence space
Riti Agrawal and J.K. Srivastava
Page: 27-38
5. Radiative heat transfer in compressible fluid flow with variable thermal conductivity inside a channel with a naturally permeable base
Paresh Vyas and Archana Rai
Page: 39-53
6. Some inequalities for product of ratio of q-gamma functions
Mridula Garg, Lata Chanchlani and Subhash Alha
Page: 55-62
7. Cost-benefit analysis of a three unit reparable load sharing complex system under hardware and human failures
Rakesh Gupta and Arti Tyagi
Page: 63-76
8. The bulk service queue with delayed vacations
Rekha Sharma and Manju Sharma
Page: 77-90
9. Solution of partial differential equation based on Haar wavelet
Naresh Berwal, Dinesh Panchal and C.L. Parihar
Page: 91-10