Volume 11, Number 01, March 2012
1. On dufour-soret driven magnetorotatory double-diffusive convection
Hari Mohan
Page: 01-18
2. Fractional extensions of heat transfer problem in oil strata
Mridula Garg, Alka Rao and Tripati Gupta
Page: 19-30
3. Magnetogasdynamic cylindrical shock waves in a rotating non-ideal gas with heat conduction and radiation heat-flux
J.P. Vishwakarma and Vijay Kumar Pandey
Page: 31-52
4. Main scalar of two-dimensional Finsler space with (g,b) metric
T.N. Pandey and V.K. Chaubey
Page: 53-62
5. Some inequalities involving Saigo's generalized fractional integral operator
Trilok Mathur and Ruchi Mathur
Page: 63-68
6. Motion and affine motion in two-dimensional Finsler space
Rakesh Kumar Dwivedi and M.K. Gupta
Page: 69-77
7. Five dimensional Kaluza-Klein universe with variable L-term in self creation theory
Vimal Chand Jain
Page: 79-86
8. A study of variable energy blast waves in magnetogasdynamics
R.C. Srivastava, T.N. Singh and A.K. Rai
Page: 87-92