Volume 10, Number 01, March 2011
1. An analysis of radiative, free convective and mass transfer flow for an accelerated vertical plate in presence of transverse magnetic field.
B.P. Garg, K.D.Singh, Reena Pathak
Page: 01-10
2. Generalized Sasakian space form with concircular curvature tensor
N.V.C. Shukla, P.J. Shah
Page: 11-24
3. Hypergeometric transformations motivated by the work of Bailey, Cayley and Orr
M.I. Qureshi, Kaleem A. Qureshi, M.P. Chaudhary
Page: 25-32
4. On some types of quasi Einstein, generalized quasi Einstein and super quasi Einstein manifolds
Deepankar Debnath, Arindam Bhattacharyya
Page: 33-40
5. Economic lot-size of a 3 stage supply chain with multiple buyers and price dependent demand rate
G.C. Sharma, M. Jain, R.R. Singh
Page: 41-52
6. A note on Ruscheweyh type functions
N. Shilpa, S. Latha
Page: 53-62
7. On Ф-recurrent trans-Sasakian manifolds
S. Yadav, D.L. Suthar
Page: 63-72
8. On the mixed sum of generalized trapezoidal and doubly infinite independent random variables
Mridula Garg, Pratibha Manohar
Page: 73-89
9. Riemann-Liouville, Erdelyi-Kober, Saigo fractional integral operators and the multivariable H-function
K.C. Gupta, Kantesh Gupta, Alpana Gupta
Page: 91-98