Volume 09, Number 01, March 2010
1. New exact solution of the Dirac equation for central potentials of physical interest
V.K. Srivastava and S.K. Bose
Page: 01-10
2. Effects of mass transfer and free-convection currents on the flow past an accelerated vertical plate in the presence of heat source/sink
K.D. Singh and B.P. Garg
Page: 11-18
3. Cost benefit analysis of a complex system with inspection and two types of repair
Ram Kishan and Manish Kumar
Page: 19-30
4. Hsu-structure in the cotangent bundle
Ram Nivas and Surendra Yadav
Page: 31-40
5. Cost-benefit analysis of a tree unit standby system with delayed replacement, repair and post repair
Rakesh Gupta, C.K. Goel and Archana Tomer
Page: 41-50
6. On Φ-conformally flat Lorentzian para-Sasakian manifolds
Sunil Yadav, Dhruwa Narain and Sachin Srivastav
Page: 51-58
7. LRS Bianchi type I inflationary cosmological model with negative deceleration parameter in General Relativity
Raj Bali and Laxmi Poonia 
Page: 59-64
8. An information divergence measure of Csiszar's -divergence class and its bounds   
K.C. Jain and Ruchi Mathur
Page: 65-76
9. Study of memory effects in the reaction 136Xe + 209Bi
K.C. Agarwal, G. Saxena, D. Singh and H.L. Yadav
Page: 77-86
10. Dye removal from aqueous solution by using bioadsorbent-II
Priyanka Pandey, Ram Prakash Singh and K.N. Singh
Page: 87-102