Volume 08, Number 01, March 2009
1. A study of normal space through preopen sets
Page: 01-06
2. Finite M/G/1 machine repair problem with mixed standbys, switching failure, common cause failure and Bernoulli feedback
Madhu Jain, G.C. Sharma and Pankaj Sharma
Page: 07-14
3. LP-Sasakian manifold admitting semi-symmetric non metric P-connection
S.K. Srivastava and Ajai Kumar Srivastava
Page: 15-24
4. Weakly compatible maps and fixed point in uniform spaces
A.K. Goyal and Neha Jain
Page: 25-30
5. Mapping properties of univalent functions defined by using Hypergeometric functions
Indu Bala Mishra and Kaushal Kishore Dixit
Page: 31-38
6. The Berwald connection and geodesics of a Finsler space with generalized (α, β)-metric
S.B. Pandey, Sanjay K. Tripathi and V.K. Chaubey
Page: 39-48
7. On weakly quasi injective N-groups
Helen K. Saikia and Kalpana Misra
Page: 49-58
8. Measurement of stability of marketing brands dependent on quantity and duration of use 
Priyender, Diwakar Khare and Jagdish Prasad
Page: 59-64
9. Conformal change of four-dimensional Finsler space           
T.N. Pandey and D.D. Tripathi
Page: 65-82
10. Hardware implementation of binary square rooting algorithm using SD-multiplier   
Subhash Kumar Sharma, Himanshu Pandey and L.K. Singh
Page: 83-90
11. Pseudo-slant submanifolds of a generalized Sasakian manifold
Surendra Yadav
Page: 91-104
12. Generalization of ε-crispness of fuzzy relation and graph rewriting
P.K. De and Kanak Sharma
Page: 105-114
13. Soret-Dufour instability of an incompressible viscous fluid confined in a porous medium in the presence of magnetic field
Jaimala, Subodh Kumar Rana, Ruchi Goel and S.C. Agrawal
Page: 115-126