Volume 06, Number 01, March 2007
1. Unsteady mixed convection MHD flow past a vertical porous oscillating plate with constant heat flux
R.C. Chaudhary and Umesh Gupta
Page: 01-14
2. The stress-intensity factors of a Griffith-crack opened by heat sources in orthotropic stress-free strip
S. Chandra and P.S. Kushwaha
Page: 15-26
3. Invariant submanifolds of a manifold admitting λn f n + λn-1 f n-1 + λn-2 f n-2 + + λ2 f 2 + λ1 f 1 = 0  structure
Rashmi Mishra
Page: 27-32
4. A numerical approach for the steady flow of a viscous incompressible fluid in a uniform straight tube whose cross-section is the inter-section of two hyperbolas
Ram Naresh Singh and D.S. Sharma
Page: 33-40
5. Bianchi type-I static stiff fluid cosmological model in presence of magnetic field
Raj Bali and Shilpi Jain
Page: 41-52
6. M-ideals of compact operators in the tensor product of Banach Algebras
Tarini Kumar Dutta and Nilakshi Goswami
Page: 53-64
7. Availability analysis of wafers production system
Madhu Jain, G.C. Sharma and Rakhi Sharma
Page: 65-76
8. Properties of induced curvature tensor of the noninvariant hypersurface with (f, g, u, v, λ)-structure of a Sasakian manifold
Dhruwa Narain and Alok Kumar Srivastava
Page: 77-86
9. Removal of coloured wastewater generated from hand-made textile weaving industry   
Ram Prakash Singh and Priyanka Pandey
Page: 87-94
10. On ratio of two independent random variables from different families of distributions
Mridula Garg and Jaya Agrawal 
Page: 95-106
11. A note on 32 factorial experiments in nested generalized cyclic row-column design
Bhupinder Kaur and Jagdish Prasad
Page: 107-116
12. Inclusion and neighborhood properties of certain classes of analytic and multivalent functions of complex order involving generalized linear operator
S.P. Goyal and J.K. Prajapat
Page: 117-126