Volume 05, Number 01, March 2006
1. On Steffensen's integral inequality with applications
Atta A.K. Abuhany, Sh. Salem and Ibrahim M. Salman
Page: 01-12
2. U-Decomposable modules
Alveera Mehdi, Mohd. Yahya Abbasi and Fazal Mehdi 
Page: 13-18
3. Finite summation formulae for certain class of generalized Lauricella series  
Rashmi Jain, Kantesh Gupta and Rajani Agrawal
Page: 19-23
4. A diffusion model for mass transport in brain tissue
Madhu Sharma, G.C. Sharma and Atar Singh
Page: 25-32
5. Certain transformations involving bilateral basic hypergeometric series
Satya Prakash Singh
Page: 33-38
6. Application of Ruscheweyh derivative on univalent functions with negative and fixed finitely many coefficients  
Sh. Najafzadeh and S.R. Kulkarni 
Page: 39-51
7. Three dimensional free convective flow with heat and mass transfer through a porous medium with periodic permeability 
N. Ahmed, D. Sharma and D.P. Barua
Page: 53-68
8. A new method of construction of incomplete block designs
Jagdish Prasad, A.K. Bhardwaj and Sudesh K. Agarwal
Page: 69-76
9. Roumieu type tempered ultradistributional Fourier-Laplace transform
P.K. Banerji and S.K. Al-Omari
Page: 77-90
10. Bianchi type I inflationary cosmological model in general relativity
Raj Bali and Radhika Goyal
Page: 91-98
11. Labelling of paths
Auparajita Krishnaa and M.S. Dulawat
Page: 99-104
12. Study of the class of univalent functions with negative coefficients defined by Ruscheweyh derivatives. II  
A. Tehranchi and S.R. Kulkarni
Page: 105-118
13. A study of unified fractional integral operators involving -function as its kernel                 
Rashmi Jain and Rajani Agrawal
Page: 119-129
14. Bicomplex gamma and beta functions      
S.P. Goyal, Trilok Mathur and Ritu Goyal
Page: 131-142