Volume 02, Number 01, March 2003
1. Rate dependent simulation of shear localization in copper single crystal
Awni Abu-Saman
Page: 01-10
2. Convex subclass of multivalent functions with negative coefficients
Tariq O. Salim and Mousa S. Marouf
Page: 11-18
3. Bianchi type I inflationary cosmological model I general relativity
Raj Bali, K.N. Singh and Kavita Ghiya
Page: 19-24
4. Steady flow and heat transfer of a viscous fluid through a circular naturally permeable tube surrounded by a porous material 
Dileep Singh Chauhan and Shalini Jain
Page: 25-34
5. Shrinkage estimator for the measure of dispersion of an inverse Gaussian distribution
Lata Joshi 
Page: 35-40
6. Application of fractional integral operators in obtaining bilinear and bilateral generating functions
P.K. Banerji and F.B.F. Mohsen 
Page: 41-48
7. A study of two dimensional integral transforms having symmetric kernels
K.C. Gupta, S.P. Goyal and Rashmi Garg
Page: 49-56
8. Generalized hypergeometric distribution and its application in random processes
K.N. Mishra, P.L. Sethi and Shilpa Vyas
Page: 57-66
9. Maximum and minimum service times for customers in batches  
Madhu Jain and M.R. Dhakad      
Page: 67-72