Volume 01, Number 01, March 2002
1. Some families of mixed multilateral generating relations
H.M. Srivastava
Page: 01-06
2. A unified inverse Laplace transform formula, functions of practical importance and H-functions
K.C. Gupta and R.C. Soni
Page: 07-16
3. Generalized Schwartz distribution : The Boehmians
P.K. Banerji and Deshna Loonker
Page: 17-24
4. Convection effects on the viscoelastic flow through a channel bounded by a naturally penneable boundary
Dileep Singh Chauhan and Prem Kumar Jakhar
Page: 25-32
5. On a chain involving multidimensional H-transform
S.P. Goyal and Rashmi Garg
Page: 33-46
6. An LRS Bianchi type V viscous fluid cosmological model in general relativity
Raj Bali and Mahesh Kumar Yadav
Page: 47-54
7. Viscous stratified flow due to an oscillating plate at the bottom of a porous medium in the presence of a variable magnetic field
Paresh Vyas and A.K. Mathur
Page: 55-58
8. Relativistic mean-field description of Sn isotops with continuum
H.L. Yadav and U.R. Jakhar
Page: 59-70