Volume 17, Number 01 & 02, January - June 2018
1. Bianchi Type IX Perfect Fluid Cosmological Models with Dark Energy
Mahesh Kumar Yadav, Vimal Chand Jain, Shailendra Ahirwar
Page: 01-20
2. On The Solutions of Generalized Fractional Kinetic Equations Involving Generalized K-Bessel Function
Bhupender Singh Shaktawat, Devendra Singh Rawat, Rajeev Kumar Gupta
Page: 21-28
3. A Discrete Parametric Markov-Chain Model of Two Unit Active Redundant System With Inspection and Two Types Of Repair
Rakesh Gupta, Vaishali
Page: 29-44
4. On Special Forms of T-Tensor In Four Dimensional Finsler Spaces
T. N. Pandey, Rajesh Kumar Gupta
Page: 45-56
5. Bianchi Type VI0 Inflationary Cosmological Model with Flat Potential and Exponential Average Scale Factor
Radhika Goyal
Page: 57-64
6. Similarity Solutions for Unsteady Flow Behind an Exponential Shock in a Perfectly Conducting Dusty Gas
J.P. Vishwakarma, Prem Lata
Page: 65-80
7. Performance Analysis of a Two-State Queueing Model with Retrials
Neelam Singla, Sonia Kalra
Page: 81-100
8. The Gumbel Exponential Distribution
Mridula Purohit, Jaya Gupta, Aditi Badguzer
Page: 101-110