Volume 14, Number 02, June 2015
1. Influences of Soret and Dufour Effects on Double-Diffusive Convection in Horizontal Fluid Layer
Megh Raj Goyal, B.P.Garg
Page: 127-144
2. Mucus Transport in The Human Lungs: A Mathematical Analysis
V.S.Sharma, Vikash Rana
Page: 145-156
3. A New Subclass of Harmonic Univalent Function Defined by Fractional Calculus Operator with Fixed Point
Poonam Dixit, Puneet Shukla
Page: 157-166
4. C-Field Cosmological Model with Variable G and Bulk Viscosity in Flat FRW Space-Time
Meghna Kumawat
Page: 167-175
5. Subclasses of Analytic Functions with Respect to Symmetric and Conjugate Points
G.P.Saritha, S.Latha
Page: 177-183
6. Bianchi Type V Inflationary Universe with Flat Potential and Stiff Fluid Distribution in General Relativity
Raj Bali, Parmit Kumari
Page: 185-197
7. String Dust Cosmological Model for Barotropic Fluid Distribution with Vaccum Energy Density in FRW Space-Time
Raj Bali, Subhash Chandra Bola
Page: 199-208
8. An Interior Griffith-Crack Opened by Thermal Stress In An Orthotropic Infinite Strip
Anjana Singh
Page: 209-219
9. A Similarity Solution for Laminar Thermal Boundary Layer Over a Flat Plate with Internal Heat Generation and a Convective Surface Boundary Condition
Preeti Garg, G.N.Purohit, R.C.Chaudhary
Page: 221-226