Volume 13, Number 02, June 2014
1. A Mathematical Model of the Newtonian Fluid Flow in the Presence of Applied Magnetic Field
Sushil Kumar Jain, S.Kumar, D.S.Sharma
Page: 109-124
2. A Common Fixed Point Theorem in Complete Fuzzy Metric Spaces
V.K.Agarwal, Ajay Soni
Page: 125-132
3. Fekete Szego Problems and Coefficient Estimates of Quasi-Subordination Classes
S.P.Goyal, Onkar Singh
Page: 133-142
4. On the n-Dimensional Saigo-Maeda Fractional Calculus with n-Dimensional H-Transforms
Meena Kumari Gurjar, Kantesh Gupta
Page: 143-156
5. An Analysis of a Feedback Queuing Model with Non-Identical Servers and Reneging
Indu Jindal, P.C.Garg, Rubdeep Kaur
Page: 151-170
6. Automatic Text Summarization using Page Rank and Genetic Algorithm
Shashank Gupta, Anushree Jagarwal, Neha Mathur
Page: 171-179
7. Grid Computing v/s Cloud Computing
Surendra Choudhary, Anjana Poonia, Shilpa Maheshwari
Page: 181-192
8. Some Curvature Properties of LP-Sasakian Manifold with Quarter Symmetric Metric Connection
N.V.C.Shuckla, Jyoti Jaiswal
Page: 193-202
9. On a Quarter Symmetric Non-Metric Connection in a p-Sasakian Manifold
Vivekanand Yadav, Dhruvanarain
Page: 203-212