Volume 12, Number 04, June 2013
1. Stress intensity factors of a griffith crack opened by asymmetrical forces at crack faces in the infinite isotropic strip
Rahul Bajaj, Sonu Sidhwani, D.V.S Kushwah
Page: 103-118
2. Some methods of construction of rectangular designs
Mahipal Singh Rathore, Sanjay Agarwal
Page: 119-124
3. A new subclass of close-to-convex functions with Fekete-Szego problem
Amit Soni, Shashi Kant
Page: 125-138
4. Multi-objective linear fractional programming problem: a Fuzzy goal programming approach
Kailash Lachhwani
Page: 139-150
5. On a subclass of analytic function with negative coefficients defined by generalized Salagean operator
K.K.Dixit, Sanjay Kumar Ghai, Sauabh Porwal
Page: 151-166
6. Reliability analysis of multi-processor system with common cause failure
Ashish Mishra, Madhu Jain
Page: 167-180
7. Heat transfer and entropy generation on MHD squeezing flow between 2 parallel rotating plates using Brinkman model
S.C.Rajvanshi, B.S.Saini, Sargam Wasu
Page: 181-198
8. Reliability modeling of a computer system with priority to PM over H/W replacement subject to MOT and MRT
Ashish Kumar, S.C.Malik
Page: 199-212
9. A study of unified finite integral involving hyper geometric function and general class of functions-II
Kantesh Gupta, Meena Kumari Gurjar
Page: 213-226