Volume 10, Number 02, June 2011
1. Some properties of subclasses of meromorphic multivalent functions
Pramila Vijaywargiya
Page: 99-106
2. Bianchi type IX perfect fluid cosmological models with electromagnetic field and variable
Atul Tyagi and Gajendra Pal Singh
Page: 107-116
3. Generalized concurrent vector field in a Finsler space
B.N. Prasad, T.N. Pandey and Kirti K. Jaiswal  
Page: 117-126
4. On generalized Einstein conformally recurrent manifolds
Ram Nivas and Anmita Bajpai
Page: 127-131
5. Optimizing performance of guard channel call admission control schemes with reneging in mobile network systems 
Jarnail Singh and V.K. Saraswat
Page: 133-146
6. Radiation and free-convection effects on moving vertical porous plate with variable temperature
B.P. Garg   
Page: 147-154
7. Radiation effects on MHD flows past an infinite vertical plate with variable temperature and uniform mass diffusion
D. Deka and R.K. Deka
Page: 155-168

Dunkl transform of integrable Boehmians

Abhishek Singh and P.K. Banerji
Page: 169-176
9. Laminar flow and heat transfer in the annulus filled by hyper-porous medium with naturally permeable walls of very small permeability
Dileep Singh Chauhan and Shilpi Saxena 
Page: 177-191
10. LRS Bianchi type I inflationary model in general relativity
Raj Bali and Swati
Page: 193-198