Volume 08, Number 02, June 2009
1. Properties of curvature tensors on semi-symmetric non-metric connection in an sp-Sasakian manifold
Dhruwa Narain and Gajendra Nath Tripathi
Page: 127-134
2. Analysis of CR-submanifolds of nearly and product Kahlerian manifold
Swadesh Singh
Page: 135-146
3. Salagean-type harmonic univalent functions with negative coefficients
K.K. Dixit and Saurabh Porwal
Page: 147-158
4. Some generalized inequalities involving the gamma functions
J.K. Prajapat and S. Kant
Page: 159-162
5. Evaluation of cubic theta functions
Satya Prakash Singh
Page: 163-172
6. Bianchi type II string cosmological model for perfect fluid distribution
Atul Tyagi, Payal Jain and Keerti Sharma
Page: 173-178
7. A new class of LRS Bianchi type-I cosmological models in Lyra manifold
Anirudh Pradhan, Dinkar Singh Chauhan and R.S. Singh
Page: 179-190
8. Effects of Hall current on free convective flow past an accelerated vertical porous plate in a rotating system with heat source/sink
K.D. Singh and B.P. Garg
Page: 191-202
9. LRS Bianchi type II string dust cosmological model in Lyra geometry
Raj Bali, Lokesh Kumar Gupta and Naresh K. Chandnani
Page: 203-210
10. Certain multiplication formulae for multivariable H-function
Sanjay Bhatter and Shalini Shekhawat
Page: 211-218
11. Exact solution of unsteady Couette flow due to an oscillating wall with slip condition in a parallel plate channel filled by a hyper porous medium
Dileep Singh Chauhan and Vikas Kumar
Page:  219-230
12. Bi-level threshold policy for state dependent M/M/1/K machine repair queue with spares, degraded failure and set up
M. Jain and Preeti 
Page: 231-240