Volume 07, Number 02, June 2008
1. A mathematical modeling of glucose-insulin regulatory system in diabetic cases
Madhu Jain, G.C. Sharma and Sudheer Kumar Sharma
Page: 145-154
2. On a linear operator and meromorphic p-valent functions
Abdul Rahman S. Juma and S.R. Kulkarni
Page: 155-162
3. Numerical algorithm for plasma transport equations of fractional order  
Awni M. Abu-Saman
Page: 163-168
4. Profit analysis of a three unit redundant system with correlated failure and repair times
Rakesh Gupta, Ram Kishan and Dharmendra Kumar 
Page: 169-178
5. On Lorentzian para-Sasakian manifolds
Dhruwa Narain and Sunil Kumar Yadav
Page: 179-186
6. Hypergeometric summation theorems of positive unit argument, based on Bernoulli numbers
M.I. Qureshi, Kaleem A. Quraishi and Ashish Arora
Page: 187-196
7. On double inequalities involving the gamma function
S. Kant and J.K. Prajapat
Page: 197-200
8. A study of G-morphisms in G-sets
S.M.A. Zaidi, M. Irfan and Gulam Muhiuddin
Page: 201-206
9. A study of interference model M/M/C/K/N with balking reneging and spares  
S.N. Singh, Jyoti Jaiswal and S.B. Tiwari
Page: 207-218
10. On some infinite integrals involving the multivariable polynomials  and the H-function of several variables with applications
K.C. Gupta, Mridula Garg and Jaya Agrawal 
Page: 219-226
11. High order numerical discretization of nonlinear singular Fredholm integro-differential equations using parallel SMAGE solver
Navnit Jha, Bhupendra K. Sharma, Saroj K. Sahani and R.C. Chaudhary
Page: 227-232
12. Bingham plastic flow in an annulus with naturally permeable walls
Dileep Singh Chauhan and Vimlesh Soni 
Page: 233-242
13. Common fixed point theorems for three mappings in uniform spaces
Sunder Lal And A.K. Goyal   
Page: 243-248
14. An EOQ inventory model for items with ramp type demand, finite rate of production and variable rate of deterioration
Sanjay Jain and Mukesh Kumar
Page: 249-256