Volume 06, Number 02, June 2007
1. Subclass of meromorphic functions with positive coefficients defined by Ruscheweyh derivative I 
Waggas Galib Atshan and S.R. Kulkarni
Page: 129-140
2. On a new unified integral formula involving multivariable H-function, Riemann zeta function and a general class of polynomials
O.P. Garg and Vijay Kumar Sharma
Page: 141-146
3. On certain structure in the cotangent bundle
Manisha M. Kankarej and S.K. Srivastava
Page: 147-168
4. Bianchi type I static barotropic perfect fluid model in general relativity
Raj Bali and Rajni Gupta
Page: 169-178
5. Aspects of invariant submanifolds of a -Hsu manifold with complemented frames
S.B. Mishra, Mohit Saxena and Praveen Kumar Mathur 
Page: 179-188
6. On generating relations and identities for I-function
Chena Ram and Rajendra Singh Enaniya
Page: 189-198
7. Machine repair model with cold standby and maintenance float system
M. Jain, G.C. Sharma and Supriya Maheshwari
Page: 199-212
8. A generalization of multivariable Bessel polynomial
Mridula Garg and Kumkum Jain
Page: 213-222
9. Applications of certain integral operators to some subclasses of analytic multivalent functions 
S.P. Goyal and Manita Bhagtani 
Page: 223-236