Volume 05, Number 02, June 2006
1. On non-archimedean l-compactoid sets
Zeyad Rizq Safi 
Page: 143-152
2. On quasi isomorphic QTAG-modules
Fazal Mehdi, Mohd. Yahya Abbasi and Anu Sirohi
Page: 153-158
3. On permutative saturated semigroups
Noor Mohammad Khan
Page: 159-166
4. On a two dimensional fractional free electron laser equation
Mridula Garg and Alka Rao
Page: 167-174
5. Stress-intensity factors for two Griffith-cracks opened by thermal stress in isotropic stress free strip
Gaurav Sharma, Harendra Singh and P.S. Kushwaha
Page: 175-188
6. M/G/1 Superposed queueing system with setup time under N-policy
Madhu Jain, G.C. Sharma and Sapna Chakrawarti
Page: 189-198
7. On construction of single replicate generalized cyclic [GC(5)] row-column designs
Bhupinder Kaur and Jagdish Prasad
Page: 199-208
8. The combined effects of electric and magnetic fields on unsteady generalized plane Couette flow of an electrically conducting fluid in the presence of a time dependent suction at the stationary plate
A.K. Mathur and K.K. Mishra
Page: 209-220
9. On the existence of compact Riemann surface of minimum genus admitting  SL2 (5) as its automorphism group         
Kuntala Patra and Hiramala Talukdar 
Page: 221-232
10. Heat transfer to magnetohydrodynamic flow in a horizontal channel with heat source
R.C. Chaudhary, Abhay Kumar Jha and Sawai Singh Dhayal
Page: 233-238