Volume 03, Number 02, June 2004
1. The two-dimensional MHD oscillatory flow along a uniformly moving Infinite vertical plate in a porous medium
S. Ahmed and N. Ahmed
Page: 75-84
2. Flat FRW cosmological model with variable G and Λ
Raj Bali and Shweta Pareek
Page: 85-90
3. The M/M/C interdependent machining system with mixed spares and controllable rates of failure and repair.
M. Jain, G.C. Sharma and Sharon Moses
Page: 91-100
4. Havrda and Charvat’s entropy and the probability of error
O.P. Vinocha and Hemlata
Page: 101-110
5. A study on statistical analysis of antimagic graph labellings    
A. Krishnaa, M.S. Dulawat and G.S. Rathore
Page: 111-120

Class of convolution transform for generalized functions and distribution of slow growth

P.K. Banerji, Deshna Loonker and S.K.Q. Al-Omari 
Page: 121-127
7. Ramanujan – A tribute and an application of his Master theorem
Mridula Garg and Shweta Mittal  
Page: 139-142
8. Viscous dissipation effects on the unsteady free convective flow of an elastico-viscous fluid past an infinite vertical porous plate with variable suction and oscillating plate temperature
V.M. Soundalgekar, H.S. Takhar and B.S. Jaiswal
Page: 143-148

Laminar flow and heat transfer in the annulus with naturally permeable walls

Dileep Singh Chauhan and Shilpi Sahai  
Page: 149-160