Volume 02, Number 02, June 2003
1. On the eqivalence between the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formulation for Chromodynamics (QCD)
Sami. I. Muslih and Hosam A. El-Zalan 
Page: 73-82
2. Effect of argon plasma treatment on the electrical resistivity of sol-gel AZO thin films
T.M. Hammad   
Page: 83-88
3. The Veldkamp space of point-line geometry of type Dn, k
Abdelsalam Osman Abou Zayda
Page: 89-96
4. The Hamilton-Jacobi analysis of dynamical systems with Chern-Simons term                  
S.I. Muslih, T.A. Eleyan and F.A. Ayoub
Page: 97-104
5. An LRS Bianchi type V inflationary cosmological model in general relativity      
Raj Bali, K.N. Singh and Kavita Ghiya
Page: 105-110
6. The application of generalized prolate spheroidal wave function, generalized polynomials and the multi-variable H-function in linear flow of heat in an anisotropic material   
V.G. Gupta, Pramila Kumari and Suman Jain
Page: 111-120
7. Non existence of the perfect codes for e ≥ 8 and q > 100
O.P. Vinocha and R. Chaudhary     
Page: 121-128
8. Unsteady M.H.D. couette flow between two vertical plates
U.N. Das, N. Baruah and V.M. Soundalgekar
Page: 129-138
9. Fractional integral operators involving Fox’s H-function for real positive definite symmetric matrix
P.L. Sethi and Mahmoud A.A. Altayeb
Page: 139-152