Proceedings of the Twenty Third International Conference of the IAGRG, 2004

1. Fundamental correlations in galaxies : IAGRG Presidential address – Jaipur, 2004
  Ajit K. Kembhavi
  Page: 01-15
2. Cold compact stars : A laboratory for new Physics : Ninth Vaidya-Raychaudhuri Endowment Award Lecture
  S. Mukherjee
  Page: 17-34
3. Multi-wave Astronomy – AGN with Astrosat
  K. P. Singh
  Page: 35-44
4. Quantum mechanics without spacetime IV –A noncommutative Hamilton-Jacobi equation
  T. P. Singh
  Page: 45-50
5. Quantum Cosmology : The loopy way
  Golam Mortuza Hossain
  Page: 51-56
6. Exact relativistic models of hybrid neutron star
  Ramesh Tikekar and Kanti Jotania
  Page: 57-61
7. Interaction between Physics and Cosmology
  N. Panchapakesan
  Page: 63-66
8. Bianchi type I magnetized cosmological model for barotropic perfect fluid distribution with variable G and L
  Raj Bali and Shweta Pareek
  Page: 67-73
9. Acceleration of the universe with a simple trigonometric potential
  Sudipta Das and Narayan Banerjee
  Page: 75-80
10. Cosmic relativity : Reconsidering special relativity in the once given universe
  C. S. Unnikrishnan
  Page: 81-85
11. Interior solutions for radiating stellar models
  S. D. Maharaj and M. Govender
  Page: 87-94
12. Bianchi type-I inflationary cosmological model in general relativity
  Raj Bali, Deo Karan Singh and Vimal Chand Jain
  Page: 95-102
13. Chaotic inflationary universe on brane
  B. C. Paul
  Page: 103-109
14. Braneworld models with bulk scalars : examples
  Sayan Kar and Ratna Koley
  Page: 111-115
15. Estimating cosmological parameters from CMBR : Systematic effects
  Rita Sinha and Tarun Souradeep
  Page: 117-125
16. Extra dimensions, modified gravity and `dark matter without dark matter’
  Supratik Pal, Somanath Bhardwaj and Sayan Kar
  Page: 127-132
17. Gravitation and electromagnetism : New experiments on unipolar induction and the role of gravity
  C. S. Unnikrishnan
  Page: 133-136
18. Gravitational collapse in an expanding background and the role of substructure : Planar collapse
  Jayanti Prasad
  Page: 137-140
19. On the superposition of a black hole and an accretion disk
  S. Chaudhuri and D. Bhattacharyya
  Page: 141-146