Volume 17, Number 3 & 4, July - December 2018
1. A Two Unit Standby System with Skilled and Regular Repairmen to Repair Priority and Ordinary Units
Rakesh Gupta, Nidhi Sharma
Page: 111 - 126
2. On η-Einstein P-Sasakian Manifold
Gajendra Nath Tripathi, Dhruwa Narain
Page: 127 - 134
3. Some New Expansion Formulae Involving a Basic Analogue Of Generalized H-Function
Alpana Gupta
Page: 135-142
4. Statistical Analysis of Solar Power as a Source of Sustainable Energy in Rajasthan
Anil Kumar Bhardwaj, Mahender Kumar
Page: 143-150
5. MHD Flow Past an Impulsively Started Infinite Vertical Plate with Heat Source / Sink
B.P. Garg, Shipra
Page: 151-164
6. Bulk Viscous String Cosmological Model with Cosmological Term Λ In FRW Space-Time
Atul Tyagi,Kirti Jain, Dhirendra Chhajed
Page: 165-172
7. Homothetic ß-Change of Finsler Metric
H.S. Shukla, Neelam Mishra, Khageshwar Mandal
Page: 173-180
8. On K-Contact η -Einstein Manifolds
Abhishek Kushwaha, Dhruwa Narain
Page: 181-190
9. Analytical Solution of the Time-Fractional Fisher Equation by using Iterative Laplace Transform Method
Rajendra Kumar Bairwa
Page: 191 - 200