Volume 13, Number 3 & 4, December 2014
1. Concircular and Projective Curvature Tensors on P-sasakian Manifold
Gajendra Nath Tripathi and Dhruwa Narain
Page: 213-220
2. Transient Analysis of a Single Server Loss and Delay Bulk Service Markovian Queue with State Dependent Rates Under N-Policy
Pankaj Sharma
Page: 221-234
3. Transient Stress Wave Propagation in Non-homogeneous Seven-parameter Viscoelastic Filament
B.P.Garg and Kanwal Jeet Kaur
Page: 235-249
4. Legendre Curve on Three-dimensional Quasi Saskian Manifolds
Dipankar Biswas
Page: 251-255
5. LRS Bianchi-I Dust Filled Model in the Presence of Zero Mass Scalar Fields with Variable G and Λ Term
Vimal Chand Jain, Nikhil Jain
Page: 257-273
6. A feedback Queuing Model with Impatient Customers
Indu Jindal, P.C.Garg, Rubdeep Kaur
Page: 275-287
7. Effect of Slip Condition on Visco-Elastic MHD Oscillatory Forced Convection Flow in a Vertical Channel with Heat Radiation
B.P.Garg, K.D.Singh, A.K.Bansal
Page: 289-304
8. Second Order Parallel Tensors on (ε)-Contact Manifolds
Surendra Yadav
Page: 305-308
9. On Generalized φ-Recurrent Lorentzian (α)-Sasakian Manifolds
Ankita Rai, Dhruwa Narain
Page: 309-315
10. Influence of Hall Current on Chemically Reacting Micropolar Fluid Flow from Radiative Rotating Surface with Variable Suction and Soret Effect in Slip-Flow Regime
R.C.Chaudhary, Preeti Jain
Page: 317-348