Volume 12, Number 04, December 2013
1. Exact and approximate tests of a conditionally specified test procedure in 4 stage unbalanced nested designs
Anita Mehta, M.S.Dulawat
Page: 345-356
2. A revised fuzzy game programming approach on multi objective linear fraction programming problem
Kailash Lachhwani
Page: 357-366
3. Partial differential equations associated with some generalized functions of 2 variables
Mridula Garg, Pratibha Manohar
Page: 367-372
4. A single server queuing model with feedback and balking
Tanvi Jindia, P.C.garg, Neelam Singla
Page: 373-384
5. Generalized Euler polynomials and their properties
Ramprasad Dangi, Madhu Tiwari, C.L.Parihar
Page: 385-392
6. The stress intensity factors due to 3 Griffith cracks opened by thermal stress in an infinite orthotropic medium
Anjna Singh
Page: 393-408
7. LRS Bianchi type - I string cosmological models with decaying vacuum energy
Raj Bali, Swati
Page: 409-418
8. Self similar flow of a dusty gas behind an exponential shock with heat conduction and radiation heat flux
K.K.Singh, Sarujinee Gogoi
Page: 419-440
9. Skew product flow on some fiber bundles
Srabani Panda, Arindam Bhattacharyya
Page: 437-450