Volume 10, Number 04, December 2011

Theory of Finsler spaces with (d, b)-metric

T.N. Pandey, A.K. Singh and Latendra Kumar Srivastava
Page: 293-306
2. Gravity modulation and radiation effects on transient free convection flow past an infinite vertical isothermal plate
D. Deka and R.K. Deka
Page: 307-318
3. One parameter exponentially modified exponential distribution
Kanak Modi and Lata Joshi
Page: 319-323
4. Ricci tensor in 3-dimensional LP-Sasakian manifolds
Rajendra Prasad, Vibha Srivastava and Shyam Kishor
Page: 325-330
5. On nonexistence of oscillatory motions in thermohaline convection of stern type in porous medium
Jyoti Prakash and Vinod Kumar
Page: 331-338
6. On fl (2k+4,3)-Hsu-structure and CR-structure satisfying f2k+4 - lr f3 = 0
N.V.C. Shukla and Riddhi Jung Shah
Page: 339-348
7. Programmer's capability on software cost estimation
T.N. Sharma, Anita Sharma and Anil Bhardwaj
Page: 349-355
8. Soret and Hall current effects on heat and mass transfer in MHD flow of viscoelastic fluid past a porous plate in rotating porous medium and slip flow regime
Khem Chand and Rakesh Kumar
Page: 357-371
9. Generalized fractional integration of the -function
J. Ram and D. Kumar 
Page: 373-382
10. Volume Contents Vol. 10, Year 2010
Page: 383-386