Volume 09, Number 4, December 2010
1. Ricci flow and Ricci soliton on -Einstein manifold 
T. De and A. Bhattacharyya
Page: 291-296
2. Generalized structure manifold admitting quarter-symmetric non metric F-connection                                           
Sunil K. Srivastava and S.K. Srivastava
Page: 297-303
3. Approximation of functions belonging to Lipschitz class by almost triangular matrix summability
Shyam Lal, Mradul Veer Singh and Saurabh Porwal
Page: 305-316

Cost benefit analysis of a two duplicate unit parallel system with repair/replacement and correlated lifetimes of units 

Rakesh Gupta, Pradeep Sharma and Vishal Sharma
Page: 317-330
5. A system dynamic study of policy option scenarios to manage municipal solid waste of a city in North India  
Rajeev Dahiya, Nisha Kumari, Subhash C. Kundu and M.S. Turan
Page: 331-338
6. Some generalized inequalities involving ratio of powers of q-gamma functions  
Mridula Garg and Lata Chanchlani
Page: 339-354
7. Oscillatory free and forced convection flow through a porous medium filled in a rotating vertical channel with slip flow condition and radiation heat
K.D. Singh and Reena Pathak
Page: 355-370
8. Radiative heat transfer in a MHD fluid flow with variable thermal conductivity over stretching sheet in a porous medium
Paresh Vyas, Ashutosh Ranjan and Archana Rai
Page: 371-384
9. Free rectification lifetime warranty (FRLTW) policy for a repairable product
M. Jain, S.C. Agrawal and Priyanka Agarwal 
Page: 385-394