Volume 08, Number 04, December 2009
1. An intermittently available server feedback queuing system with service in batches of random size
P.C. Garg and Neelam Singla
Page: 397-422
2. On the Mellin transform and exchange property
Abhiskek Singh and P.K. Banerji
Page: 423-430
3. Thermosolutal instability of an incompressible viscous fluid confined in an anisotropic porous medium in the presence of magnetic field
Subodh Kumar Rana, Ruchi Goel and S.C. Agrawal 
Page: 431-440
4. Asymptotically regular mappings in 2-uniform spaces
A.K. Goyal
Page: 441-446
5. Controllable and interdependent MRP with additional repairman and mixed standbys
Madhu Jain and Naresh Kumar 
Page: 447-456
6. Three dimensional MHD fluctuating free convective flow between two vertical porous plates moving in opposite directions
K.D. Singh and Alphonsa Mathew
Page: 457-474
7. Influence of dissipative fluid on MHD free convective heat transfer flow through porous medium
Hemant Poonia and R.C. Chaudhary 
Page: 475-484
8. On a basic integral involving the H-function of two variables
K.C. Gupta, Sanjay Bhatter and Shalini Shekhawat
Page: 485-488
9. Dye removal from aqueous solution by using bioadsorbent-I
Priyanka Pandey, Ram Prakash Singh and K.N. Singh 
Page: 489-504
10. Bianchi type III magnetized massive string cosmological model in general relativity
Raj Bali, Ratna Banerjee and S.K. Banerjee
Page: 505-513
11. Bianchi type I barotropic fluid cosmological model in Lyra geometry
Naresh K. Chandnani and Jagdish Prasad Dhanka
Page: 515-522
12. Bianchi type IX string cosmological models for bulk viscous fluid distribution in General Relativity
Atul Tyagi, Keerti Sharma and Payal Jain
Page: 523-532
13. On a subclass of certain uniformly convex functions with negative coefficients
K.K. Dixit and S.K. Dubey
Page: 533-540