Volume 06, Number 04, December 2007
1. Response times in MX/G/1 processor sharing queue
Madhu Jain, G.C. Sharma and Sapna Chakrawarti 
Page: 353-360
2. On p-injective strictly FGD near-ring
Helen K. Saikia and Kalpana Misra
Page: 361-370
3. EPH - Classification
Debapriya Biswas
Page: 371-378
4. Neighborhoods of certain classes of multivalent analytic functions with negative coefficients defined by convolution structure
Pramila Vijaywargiya
Page: 379-386
5. Some Bianchi Type-V conformally flat massive string magnetized cosmological models
Raj Bali and Umesh Kumar Pareek
Page: 387-398
6. Almost semi-invariant submanifolds of a Kenmotsu manifold of constant -sectional curvature 
Kalpana and Priti Srivastava
Page: 399-408
7. On construction of balanced q-array designs
Bhupinder Kaur and Jagdish Prasad
Page: 409-418
8. On unified integral formulae involving generalized H-function, multi and single variable general polynomials
K.C. Gupta, Kantesh Gupta and Vandana Agrawal 
Page: 419-424
9. A three generator group of automorphisms of compact Riemann surfaces 
Kuntala Patra and Dipankar Sarma
Page: 425-432
10. Analysis of a two component single unit redundant system with standbys of each component 
Ashok Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar
Page: 433-448
11. On some new symmetric information divergence measures of Csiszar's -divergence class
K.C. Jain and Amit Srivastava
Page: 449-456