Volume 05, Number 04, December 2006
1. On a sequential approach to the tempered distributions for the Hilbert transform
Deshna Loonker and P.K. Banerji
Page: 347-354
2. Flow through a compliant annulus with naturally permeable boundary
Shilpi Saxena
Page: 355-368
3. A study of pFq function transform
Rashmi Jain and Rajani Agrawal 
Page: 369-376
4. On integrability conditions of a manifold admitting the general algebraic HSU-structure
Kalpana Singh
Page: 377-382
5. Effect of viscous heating on flow past a vertical plate in slip-flow regime with periodic temperature variations
Sunita R. Jain and Pawan K. Sharma
Page: 383-398
6. The stress-intensity factors of two shell type cracks opened by body forces
P.S. Kushwaha, Mohd. Salim Ahmad and Vandana Singh
Page: 399-414
7. On zeros of a polynomial in a complex variable
P.K. Banerji and Adeeb T.H. Al-Saeedi
Page: 415-418
8. Steady MHD flow of Walters liquid (model B') through a horizontal channel
Shampa Choudhury, Alok Das and Rita Choudhury
Page: 419-430
9. A systematic new hypergeometric proof of strange and unusual identity of Lyons, Paule and Riese
M.I. Qureshi, Chaudhary Wali Mohd. and S. Ismail Azad
Page: 431-436
10. On applications of Kober fractional q-integral operator to certain basic hypergeometric functions
R.K. Yadav and S.D. Purohit
Page: 437-448
11. On a unified integral formula involving the product of H-functions with applications
K.C. Gupta and Sanjay Kumar Bansal
Page: 449-460
12. Mathematical modelling of controlled drug delivery for chronical diseases
Madhu Jain, G.C. Sharma and Sudheer Kumar Sharma 
Page: 461-476
13. Temperature distribution in a viscous fluid flow through a channel bounded by a porous medium and a stretching sheet
Shalini Jain
Page: 477-482