Volume 04, Number 4, December 2005
1. RC6 with new schema
Fayik R. El-Naowk, M.M. Al-Ashker and Tamer S. Fatayer
Page: 229-235
2. CR-submanifolds of a Hsu-structure manifold
Riyaz Ahmed and Anjani Kumar
Page: 237-246
3. Reduction and summation formulae for basic and poly basic hypergeometric series of two variables
Shitala Prasad Singh and Lata Srivastava
Page: 247-252
4. Free convective MHD flow and heat transfer through porous medium between two long vertical wavy walls
N. Ahmed, D. Sharma and U.N. Das
Page: 253-269
5. The stress-intensity factors for two Griffith cracks in an orthotropic stress-free strip opened by body forces
P.S. Kushwaha and Hari Om Jha

Page: 271-281

6. Note on p-valent function by using Ruscheweyh derivative and hypergeometric functions
A. Tehranchi and S.R. Kulkarni
Page: 283-290
7. Some single and double integral involving H-functions
Rashmi Jain
Page: 291-300
8. On a study of Eulerian type integrals involving the product of the functions **** and the H-function
Kantesh Gupta
Page: 301-309
9. Transient forced and free convection flow of dissipative fluid with mass transfer past an infinite vertical plate with constant heat flux
B.S. Jaiswal and V.M. Soundalgekar 
Page: 311-323
10. Transformation formulae for q-series 
Keshav Prasad Yadav and Satya Prakash Singh
Page: 325-330