Volume 01, Number 04, December 2002
1. Finite element simulation of shear localization in rate independent deformation of single crystals
Awni Abu-Saman
Page: 213-230
2. On a novel class of multivalently analytic functions with negative coefficients
Huseyin Irmak, Omer Faruk Cetin and R.K. Raina
Page: 231-240
3. Generating functions of Laguerre polynomial of matrix argument in complex case and Lie group
P.L. Sethi and M.B. Elkhazendar 
Page: 241-246
4. Stationary Poisson departure process from a MI , M2/G/queue with non-stationary Poisson arrivals
G. C. Sharma, M. Jain and Vikas Shinde
Page: 247-253
5. Certain transformation formulae for q-series
R.P. Singh, B.P. Singh and S.K. Chauhan    
Page: 255-264
6. LRS Bianchi type V string dust cosmological model in general relativity
Raj Bali, K.N. Singh and Deo Karan Singh
Page: 265-268
7. Heat transfer in second order fluid flow between a rotating and a stationary naturally permeable disk in the presence of a magnetic field
Dileep Singh Chauhan and Ritu Ghiya
Page: 269-276
8. On some methods of construction of neighbour design
Jagdish Prasad, Lokesh Arora and Anil Bhardwaj   
Page: 277 - 280